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Wire and Cable Tools

Wire and cable tools are usually used for industrial and commercial uses for the following industries: automotive, network engineering, and telecommunications. Wire and cable tools are rarely found in residential households. But sometimes they are used in socket repair, wiring, fixing cars, or common household appliances like refrigerators, lamps, washers, and more. 

Wire and Cable Tools for Any Job

Here at Tevelec, we have the largest variety of wire and cable tools for any application. Our products include cutters, crimpers, strippers, etc. Where they can be sold individually or combined to save you space and make your work easier. We also provide cable cutters and crimpers for heavy-duty labour or ratcheting. We have cutters and strippers in fixed sizes for specific wires, or self-adjustable tools to work with a variety of wire or cable gauges. We have all the tools you need in one distributor, so we make it easier for you to choose what you want. 

Stripping and Crimping Tools

We have both automatic and manual wire strippers available for use. They are mostly hand-held used to safely strip the electric insulation from wires

  • Manual Stripper – Pair of opposite blades that looks a lot like scissors. The center notch allows the user to cut the insulation without touching the wire. 
  • Automatic Stripper – You simply put the wire between its jaws and squeeze the handle. 

These tools are only good for certain sizes beginning from 10 and below for thinner and gauges.

  • Crimping Tool – It is used by joining 2 pieces of metal together by deforming one side so they would hold one another. It is frequently used in attaching wire or cable connectors for each end. 

We have a wide variety of cable and wire cutters designed to cut aluminum, brass, iron, steel, and copper wires. We also have tools like screwdrivers, coaxial connectors, etc.

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