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User Assembled Rack Systems – Server Rack Enclosures

Relay Racks – DC4R Series – 4-Post Open Server Rack

Relay Racks - DC4R Series - 4-Post Open Server Rack

DC4R “Adjustable-Depth” 4-POST Server Rack

The Hammond DC4R Open Rack series is one of the most economic solutions to house servers and other devices in wiring closets or data centers. In situations where the wiring closet itself is under lock and key and accessed by a limited number of people, full cabinets having locking doors and side panels may not be required therefore resulting in a significant cost savings.

Having a “knock-down” design, the 4-post server rack can also be delivered to places where welded frames and cabinets may not.

  • Ships unassembled (flat-pack)
  • Available in 44U and 24U rack spaces
  • 83″ or 46″ over-all height
  • 24″ to 36″ adjustable over-all depth
  • 20.5″ over-all width
  • 19″-mounting front and back
  • 12 gauge steel
  • Universal square-hole mounting
  • Unit space markers
  • Premium black textured (powder) paint
  • Load capacity 2000 lbs
  • Includes 1 x (set of 2) horizontal cable managerbars (DC4RSHCM)
  • Additional cable manager bars available
Part No. Description
DC4R44 44U 4-Post Rack Kit
DC4R24 24U 4-Post Rack Kit
RRALJK Standard Baying Hardware Kit
DC4RSHCM Additional Horizontal Cable Bars(2)
RRLDCASTER Light duty Casters (4) Weight load 800 lbs total

RCSC Series “STACKING” Cabinets – Servers, Storage & Networking

RCSC Series 'STACKING' Cabinets - Servers, Storage & Networking

RCSC User-Assembled “STACKING” Cabinet System

The Hammond RCSC Rack Cabinet features a similar, easy-to-assemble design as our popular RCHV series (below), but with extensive enhancements designed to support SERVER and general computer applications.

The most unique feature of the RCSC server rack enclosure cabinet series is its ability to stack vertically! This cabinet grows with you, thanks to its generous rear cable channel space and its top/bottom cable pass-through feature.

Key Features:

  • Unique Stackable design.
  • 24″ over-all width provides ample space for most cabling requirements.
  • 36″ deep version has extended cable space in the back and provides adequate mounting support for most deep-server applications.
  • 16 gauge steel.
  • 12U version is 25″ high (fits under most desks).
  • Univ. EIA-compliant square-hole mounting rails.
  • User-assembled (ships flat).
  • Weight-load rating of 1500lbs.
  • Generous cable-entry ‘punch-outs’.
  • Optional doors, fans, and casters available.
  • Optional anti-tip brackets available.
  • Includes (50) 10-32 cage nuts and screws.
  • Includes gasket strip material for punch-outs.

RCSC Doors and Accessories

If security is not important today but becomes a requirement in the future, locking doors are offered as an accessory for our open rack systems. The RCSC Rack Cabinet is designed to use snap-in secure hinges allowing the installation of optional surface-mount doors at any time even when the server rack cabinet is already loaded to capacity.

Key features:

  • Perforated doors meet server manufacturer Free-Air-Ratio.
  • (FAR) requirements at 65%.
  • Snap-in hinges can be mounted without having to bolt-on from inside the cabinet.
  • Hinges can be mounted on the left or right.
  • Doors can be mounted on the front or back.

Note: The suggested maximum number of units stacked safely is: 3 x 12U cabinets, or 2 x 24U cabinets or one of each size. The maximum weight-load rating per stack of cabinets or per single cabinet is 1500lbs total.

CAUTION: Baying kit (RCSCBAY) is required to lock cabinets together securely when stacking.

RCSC Cabinets

Part# Units A B C
RCSC1902124BK1 12U 25″ 24″ 23.5″
RCSC1904224BK1 24U 46″ 24″ 23.5″
RCSC1902131BK1 12U 25″ 31″ 29.0″
RCSC1904231BK1 24U 46″ 31″ 29.0″
RCSC1902136BK1 12U 25″ 36″ 29.0″
RCSC1904236BK1 24U 46″ 36″ 29.0″
A: Overall Height (without castors)
B: Overall Depth
C: Maximum Mounting Depth
RCSC Series 'STACKING' Cabinets Assembly

RCSC Locking Doors

Part No. Description
RCSC19021PDBK1 12U Perforated Door w/lock
RCSC19042PDBK1 24U Perforated Door w/lock

RCSC Casters

Part No. Description Rated
1425P Light-Duty Casters(4) 400lbs
1425BH Heavy Duty Casters(4) 1000lbs

RCSC Baying Kit

Part No. Description
RCSCBAY Baying Kit – bays (2) RCSC’s together(vertically or horizontally)

RCSC Compatible Fan Kit

Part No. Description
RCSCFAN Fan Kit – includes 2X fans and power cord

RCSC Anti-Tip Brackets

Part No. Description
RCSCATIP Anti-tip brackets

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