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Server Rack Accessories

We sell a wide range of accessories to assist you in optimizing your server rack storage space, accessibility, space efficiency, and convenience. Our server rack accessories help:

  • Allow you to mount additional devices and equipment
  • Organize your server rack for space-saving
  • Improve the airflow and appearance of your network storage and server
  • Ensures dependable power distribution in your server room

Rack Shelves and Drawers

Shelves (2-Post Mounting):

Rack Shelves and Drawers
Part No.DescriptionUnitsDepthRated
RASU190115BK1Cantilever Solid Shelf1U15″40lbs
RASU190120BK1Cantilever Solid Shelf1U20″40lbs
RASU190315BK1Cantilever Solid Shelf2U15″100lbs
RASU190320BK1Cantilever Solid Shelf2U20″100lbs
RASU190515BK1Cantilever Solid Shelf3U15″200lbs*
RASU190520BK1Cantilever Solid Shelf3U20″200lbs*
RASU190715BK1Cantilever Solid Shelf4U20″200lbs*
RASU190720BK1Cantilever Solid Shelf4U3.5″200lbs*
RASV190115BK1Cantilever Vented Shelf1U15″40lbs
RASV190120BK1Cantilever Vented Shelf1U20″40lbs
RASV190315BK1Cantilever Vented Shelf2U15″100lbs
RASV190320BK1Cantilever Vented Shelf2U20″100lbs
RASV190515BK1Cantilever Vented Shelf3U15″200lbs*
RASV190520BK1Cantilever Vented Shelf3U20″200lbs*
RASV190715BK1Cantilever Vented Shelf4U15″200lbs*
RASV190720BK1Cantilever Vented Shelf4U20″200lbs*
DNDMS19BK1Relay Rack Modem Shelf – Solid2U19.5″200lbs*
DNDMV19BK1Relay Rack Modem Shelf – Vented2U19.5″200lbs*
DNRMA1916BK1Cantilever Adjustable Shelf3U16″275lbs*
DNRMA1920BK1Cantilever Adjustable Shelf3U20″275lbs*
DNRMU19BK1Dual-Channel Solid Shelf3U19″300lbs*
DNRMU1924BK1Dual-Channel Solid Shelf3U24″300lbs*
DNRMV19BK1Dual-Channel Vented Shelf3U19″300lbs*
DNRMV1924BK1Dual-Channel Solid Shelf3U24″300lbs*
DNRMM19BK1Dual-Channel Monitor Shelf w/storage3U19″300lbs*
RKBM19BK1Cantilever Keyboard/Monitor Shelf3U15″160lbs

* Heavy Duty

Shelves (4-Post Mounting):

Rack Shelves and Drawers
Surface Mounting
Part No.DescriptionUnitsDepthDepthRated
RSVS1918BK1Sliding Shelf – Vented1U18″20″120lbs
RSVS1926BK1Sliding Shelf – Vented1U26″28″120lbs
RSVS1931BK1Sliding Shelf – Vented1U31″30″120lbs
RSUS1918BK1Sliding Shelf – Solid1U18″20″120lbs
RSUS1921BK1Sliding Shelf – Solid1U21″22″120lbs
RSUS1926BK1Sliding Shelf – Solid1U26″28″120lbs
RSUS1931BK1Sliding Shelf – Solid1U31″30″120lbs
RSUS1926BK1Sliding Shelf – Solid1U26″28″120lbs
RSLIDEEXBracket Upgrade – Increase RSVS/US Mounting-Depth by 14”
RMASU1925BK1Adj. Depth Shelf – Solid1U25″25″ – 35″75lbs
RMASU1930BK1Adj. Depth Shelf – Solid1U30″30″ – 40″75lbs
RMASV1925BK1Adj. Depth Shelf – Vented1U25″25″ – 35″75lbs
RMASU1930BK1Adj. Depth Shelf – Vented1U30″30″ – 40″75lbs
RMASHD1925BK1Adj. Depth Shelf – Vented2U25″25″ – 35″200lbs*

* Heavy Duty

Storage Drawers (4-Post Mounting Only):

Rack Storage Drawers
Surface Mounting
Part No.DescriptionUnitsDepthDepthRated
RDRW1900322BK1Locking Drawer2U22″24″120lbs
RSVS1926BK1Locking Drawer3U22″24″120lbs
RSVS1931BK1Locking Drawer4U22″24″120lbs
RSUS1918BK1Locking Drawer5U22″24″120lbs
RSUS1921BK1Locking Drawer7U22″24″120lbs

These are our most popular drawer sizes. 12″ and 16″ deep models are also available. Please call for more information.

3 in 1 Shelf (2 or 4 Post Mounting):

Rack 3 in 1 Shelf
Surface Mounting
Part No.DescriptionUnitsDepthDepthRated
RMS193BK1Keyboard Shelf Drawer3U18.75″18.3″not rated

Cable Managers

Vertical Cable Managers

Vertical Cable Managers with Door

  • Magnetic Latching Door
  • Integrated Cable Ties
  • 3.5” Wide x 4” Deep
  • Exclusively compatible with the C4

Vertical Cable Trays

  • Available to support all matching C4 heights
  • Integrated Cable Ties
Rack System Cable Managers
Part No.DescriptionUnitsHeightDepth
PCMDD19001BK1Hinged Horizontal Cable Manager1U1.75″2.5″
PCMDD19003BK1Hinged Horizontal Cable Manager2U3.5″2.5″
PCMDD19005BK1Hinged Horizontal Cable Manager3U5.25″2.5″
PCMDS19001BK1Hinged Finger Panel1U1.75″3″
PCMDS19003BK1Hinged Finger Panel2U3.5″3″
PCMDS19005BK1Hinged Finger Panel3U5.25″3″
PCMBS19001BK1Steel Ring Panel1U1.75″
PCMBS19003BK1Steel Ring Panel2U3.5″
PCMBS23001BK1Steel Ring Panel1U1.75″
PCMBS23003BK1Steel Ring Panel2U3.5″
DNCE19BK1Cable Access Panel2U3.5″
PCMBV19001BK1Velcro Strap Panel1U1.75″
CMRBK1Single Cable Ring – 1.25″ Wide1U1.75″3.5″
CMR3BK1Single Cable Ring – 1.25″ Wide2U3.5″3.5″
PCMT19003BK1Rack Panel Mount Trough2U3.5″
CGUIDEHinged Cable Guide w/tie straps2U3.5″
CMSTRAP55 Velcro Straps – Supports Max. 3.5″ diameter bundles

Cooling Accessories

Rack Fan Trays

Rack Fan Trays

  • 1U 19” Rack Mount Fan Trays
  • Ideal solution for hot spots
  • Integral finger guards
  • Circuit breaker protection
  • Black powder paint finish
Part No.DescriptionMax Mounting Depth
FT300TA1BK3-Fan,300CFM, Pilot LightUnlimited
FT600TA1BK6-Fan,600CFM, Pilot Light19.2″
FT900TA1BK9-Fan,900CFM, Pilot Light24.7″
FT300HA1BK3-Fan,300CFM, ON/OFF SwitchUnlimited
FT600HA1BK9-Fan,900CFM, Pilot Light19.2″
FT900HA1BK9-Fan,900CFM, ON/OFF Switch24.7″

C4 Pre-Wired Fan Tops

Rack System Fan Tops - 4 Fans
Fan Top w/4 x 4.7” fans (420 CFM)24″-Wide C430″-Wide C4
24” Deep C4C2T1923F4BK1C2T2423F4BK1
31” Deep C4C2T1923F4BK1C2T2423F4BK1
36” Deep C4C2T1931F4BK1C2T2431F4BK1
42” Deep C4C2T1936F4BK1C2T2436F4BK1
Rack System Fan Tops - 1 Fan

Fan Top w/1 x 10” fan (550 CFM)24″-Wide C430″-Wide C4
24” Deep C4C2T1923F10BK1C2T2423F10BK1
31” Deep C4C2T1923F10BK1C2T2423F10BK1
36” Deep C4C2T1931F10BK1C2T2431F10BK1
42” Deep C4C2T1936F10BK1C2T2436F10BK1
Rack System Fan Panel Assembly

Fan Panel Assembly

  • 3U 19″ Rack Mount Fan Panel
  • Can mount on rear rack rails
  • Target hot-spots
  • Integral finger guards
  • 210 CFM total
  • Includes 24″ power cable
  • Black powder coated
Part No.Description
PPGPFPAFan Grill Panel, 3U spaces, 2 x 4.7″ fans, power cable
Rack Cabinet Intake Blowers

Rack Cabinet Intake Blowers

  • Each unit contains a quadruplex centrifugal blower, powered by a single precision ball-bearing motor
  • Air delivery from more than 50% of their 17″ width
  • Air intake only, to pressurize the rack with filtered air
  • 115 VAC, 60 Hz. motor is UL listed, CSA certified, ball bearing type, cooled by incoming air
  • Includes permanent filter
  • Includes 24″ power cable
  • Comes with 6′ cord
Free Flow Air DeliveryPanel Height
Part No.CFMInchesUnits
Rack System Thermostats


  • Controls fan trays panels & tops
  • Adjustable range 30-140 °F (0-60 °C)
  • Normally-Open Switch (cooling applications)
  • Switching capacity of 15A (120VAC)
  • Available in Fahrenheit or Celsius
Part No.Description
SKT011419NOThermostat (Fahrenheit Scale)
FT600TA1BKThermostat (Celsius Scale)
Rack System Steel Baffle Panel

Steel Baffle Panel

Rear sloping baffle can help direct air out of a cabinet in a natural-convection application.

Part No.Description
PVBB19001BK2Baffle Panel (1U)
Rack System Perforated Steel Blanking Panels

Perforated Steel Blanking Panels

Can be used in natural-convection applications, where a device must be secure while providing ventilation.

Part No.Description
PPFS19001BK2Steel Perf Blanking Panel (1U)
PPFS19003BK2Steel Perf Blanking Panel (2U)
PPFS19005BK2Steel Perf Blanking Panel (3U)
Rack System Standard Steel Blanking Panels

Standard Steel Blanking Panels

Blanking panels can be installed in unused rack unit spaces within a cabinet to improve both cooling efficiency and system aesthetics.

Part No.Description
PBPS19001BK2Steel Blanking Panel (1U)
PBPS19003BK2Steel Blanking Panel (2U)
PBPS19005BK2Steel Blanking Panel (3U)
Rack System Formed Steel Blanking Panels

Formed Steel Blanking Panels

Angled edging for greater rigidity.

Part No.Description
PBFS19001BK2Formed Steel Blanking Panel (1U)
PBFS19003BK2Formed Steel Blanking Panel (2U)
PBFS19005BK2Formed Steel Blanking Panel (3U)

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