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Tevelec is a leading wire and cable product distributor and manufacturer and our catalog contains a wide variety of products, including coaxial cable and data cable. The catalog can be searched by product number or navigated by following links to specific product sections.


Coaxial Cable, Data Cable and more..

Our catalog contains a variety of Coaxial Cable, Electrical Cable, Fire Alarm Cable, Hookup and Lead Wire, Multi-Conductor and Multi-Paired Cables, Plenum Cables, Voice and Data Cable, and more. All of our products meet internationally recognized UL and CSA standards.

Tevelec manufactures and distributes industrial, construction and military specification(MIL Spec) wire and cabling assemblies, wiring harnesses and control panel assemblies to telecommunications, computer and industrial control industries and many other businesses and institutions of all sizes around the world.

Plenum Cable

We are able to supply plenum cable for use in the plenum spaces of buildings (the space used to facilitate air circulation). This space might include the space between a fixed and drop ceiling or the space under a raised floor which can be used to route ethernet network cable and coaxial cables.

Fiber Optic Cable

Tevelec provides the highest quality and the full spectrum of fiber optic cable types for a wide variety of industries and applications; including telecommunications, networking, broadcast/CATV for industrial and commercial, defense and government, and medical applications.

Value Added Services

We also provide an extensive number of value added services to meet all of your requirements for your cabling application, including cut and strip, striping, dyeing, twisting, armoring, bundling. In addition to these special services, we are also able to produce cables made to precise specifications for any unique application. We are also an authorized distributor for Belden Cable products and are able to supply to your specifications.

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Featured Wire and Cable

  • Ul1569 wire is a common type of hook up wire used for internal wiring of electrical equipment, panels and meters. This wire is UL1007, UL1569 and CSA TR-64 approved.
  • SOOW cable is a stranded bare copper wire which has a oil resitant thermoset rubber insulation and jacket. SOOW cables are used as a power suppply cable in environments of extreme temperature range, or on job sites and factory floors where resistance to oil, chemicals and abrasion is required.
  • TEW wire is a 600V stranded tinned or bare copper wire for use within the internal wiring of electrical equipment, panels and meters, and motors and transformers.
  • MIL-W-16878/4 is a military spec wire that is used for high temperature electronic applications and features a PTFE coating which resists solvents, grease, ozone and chemicals.
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