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Cables laid in the plenum spaces of buildings (the space used to facilitate air circulation) are referred to as Plenum cable. Plenum space might include the space between a fixed and drop ceiling or space under a raised floor. Because fire can spread quickly in plenum spaces, plenum cable and wire carries a high heat rating and fire resistance.

A plenum is defined as a compartment or enclosure where air ducts are connected to create an air distribution system. Plenum cable is simply the cable that runs through these spaces.

Plenum cables are commonly used in electrical or telecommunications. They’re often installed in the air spaces of residential and commercial areas. Some of the applications of plenum cables are fire alarm cables, plenum cat 5 cables, and plenum cox cable. It’s common practice to use plenum cables in routing communication cables for data devices, computers, and alarm systems.

Because plenum cables are transported through circulated air spaces that contain little fire protection, they need to be coated in PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or FEP (fluorinated ethylene polymer). They offer ample resistance against fire, and in case they burn, they won’t emit large amounts of fumes. These make plenum cables safer than their thermoplastic cable counterpart


There are many applications for which Plenum cable can be used, including control cables, multi-paired or multi-conductor cables, coaxial cables, network voice and data cables, cables connecting computer or other telecommunications equipment, security and communications.

Tevelec stocks a wide range of Plenum Cable products for virtually every installation and application.

Multi-conductor plenum cables are available as a shielded and unshielded configuration and are suitable for use air plenums without conduit, stranded conductor plenum cables are used in signaling, security systems, communications, intercom and PA systems, sound, audio and hospital call systems.

Overall Foil Shielded multi-conductor plenum cable and wire for use as computer cable, signaling, remote sensors, miniature control cable and sound system controls. Several AWG sizes are available for each multi-conductor type, please call a Tevelec representative with your requirements.

Multi-paired cable consists of a multitude of twisted pair wires within the plenum cable and is usually available as a shielded plenum cable. Foil shielded plenum cable for use in plenums without conduit. Used for remote control signaling, security systems, communications, intercom and PA Systems, sound, audio and hospital call systems. Overall Foil Shield multi-paired wire (16 grades), Individual Foil Shield multi-paired wire (7 grades).


If your closed circuit video circuit’s application requires the routing of coaxial cable through a plenum space, we offer five grades of plenum rated CCTV coaxial cable.

For telecommunications and Base-T network installations, Tevelec is able to provide High grade Network Category plenum cables that are suitable for use within plenum spaces.

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