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Open Rack Systems

Relay Racks – DNRR Series – 2-Post Steel (Welded)

Relay Racks - DNRR Series - 2-Post Steel (Welded)

The DNRR series 2-Post Relay Rack is a popular open rack system choice for a variety of networking, instrument and telecom applications.

  • Suitable for many 19” and 23” rack mount applications, providing complete access to equipment
  • No assembly required (fully welded)
  • Recommended maximum weight – 1,500 lbs
  • Pre-tapped holes (10-32)
  • Choice of front flange or both flanges tapped
  • 10 gauge steel construction
  • Premium black powder paint finish

Tapped (Front Flange Only)

Part No.DescriptionPanel Height
DNRR42HDW19” wide – 2-Post Relay Rack24U (42”)
DNRR77HDW19” wide – 2-Post Relay Rack44U (77”)

Tapped (Front and Rear Flange)

Part No.DescriptionPanel Height
DNRR77HDWB19” wide – 2-Post Relay Rack44U (77”)
DNRR2377HDWB23” wide – 2-Post Relay Rack44U (77”)
These are our most popular sizes! Tevelec offers many more Relay Racks varying in size, material and design! Please contact us for more information on our rack mount enclosures:

Relay Rack Options

Relay Racks Options

RRCM Series Cable Chimneys are designed for open rack systems and connect directly to our vertical cable managers.

Vertical Cable Managers

  • Available in three widths (6”,8”,12”)
  • Hinged doors secured with magnets
  • Can mount on left or right of rack
  • Managers can also bay racks
  • 16 gauge steel
  • Includes req. mounting hardware

Cable Chimneys Open rack system cable chimneys are assembled from two halves, making it easy to attach around existing cables.

  • Attaches directly to Vertical Managers
  • 18 gauge steel
  • Easy installation
  • Mounting hardware included

Vertical Cable Managers

Part No.DescriptionProfile
RRCM44UD44U Manager w/Door6″ x 5″
RRCM844UD44U Manager w/Door8″ x 6″
RRCM1244UD44U Manager w/Door12″ x 6″
These are our most popular sizes! We offer more Vertical Cable Managers varying in size, material and design! Please contact us for additional models.

Cable Chimneys

Part No.DescriptionProfile
RRCMCH65Cable chimney6″ x 5″ x 36″
RRCMCH86Cable chimney8″ x 6″ x 36″
RRCMCH126Cable chimney12″ x 6″ x 36″
* Note: The above cable chimneys are designed to connect directly to our vertical cable managers, and are not compatible with our Top Horizontal Cable Manager (HCM) System below.

Relay Rack HCM System

Relay Racks HCM System

Top Horizontal Cable Manager (HCM) System (Compatible with 6” wide vertical cable managers only)

Fig.Part#Compatible With…
ARR19TMS(1) rack with (1) vertical cable manager
BRR19TMD(1) rack with (2) vertical cable managers
CRR19TMDD(2) racks with (2) vertical cable managers
DRR19TMDT(2) racks with (3) vertical cable managers

HCM System Components

JRRTMEPEnd-Plates to close Top Cable Manager ends
KRRTMJKJoining kit – Joins Top horiz. managers together

HCM Compatible Chimneys*

ERRCH20HCM Cable chimney6“ x 5”20″
RRCH24HCM Cable chimney6“ x 5”24″
RRCH30HCM Cable chimney6“ x 5”30″
* HCM chimneys are compatible only with above HCM system

Compatible Casters and Dollies

Fig.Part#DescriptionRatedHeight Added to Rack
GRRLDCASTERLight Duty Casters(4)800 lbs3.76″
HRRLPDOLLow Profile Dolly1080 lbs1.25″
IRRHDDOLHeavy Duty Dolly1500 lbs3.50″

Baying Hardware

LRRALJKBaying kit – Joins two DNRR racks together

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