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Multi-pair (or multipair) cable consists of a multitude of twisted-pair circuits, from a half-dozen to many thousands, which are within a sleeve of insulating material.

Each twisted pair comprises groups of individual wires which are twisted together into pairs. Increasing demand for bandwidth within the telecommunications industry has placed burden on the twisted pair cable, necessitating the development of multi-pair cables.

Multipair cable is used extensively in tens of thousands of electrical and electronic applications and multi-pared cable wires are found in intercoms, computers, hospitals, telecommunications systems, industrial equipment controls and virtually every modern building.


Where multipair cables are used in the communications and computer industries for high speed data transfer, the twisted pairs are closely placed within the cable. In order to reduce the transfer of electrical energy between the pairs, called crosstalk, several types of multi-paired cables contain individually shielded pairs. As operating frequencies increase, multipair cables with shielded pairs will reduce the crosstalk, ensuring that the signal sent from one end of the cable is identical to the signal received at the other end.

We provide Unshielded Control Cable, in various AWG grades, for use in remote control, signaling, security systems, communications systems, intercom and public address systems, nurse and hospital call systems and other sound and audio applications.


Tevelec is able to supply multi-paired cable wire with individually shielded pairs suitable for connecting computer systems, analog audio and broadcast equipment, process control systems and similar applications requiring high isolation between pairs. Many of our individually shielded multipair cable products are compliant with several industry standards, including Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

Tevelec is able to provide a full range of shielded multi-pair and unshielded multi-paired cable and wire products suitable for any communications, computer, analog audio and broadcast applications.

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