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multi conductor cable
multi conductor cable

A multi conductor cable can be found in virtually every electronic product.

Used in home, office, automobile, and all other buildings, multi-conductor cables are found in computer systems, control systems, electronics, business machines, cash registers, alarm systems, audio speakers, POTS telephone systems, thermostats, doorbells, and other low voltage remote systems.



Tevelec offers shielded multi conductor cables and unshielded multi conductor cables for several different applications, including audio control cables, speaker cables, station “Z” wire, thermostat cable, and power limited tray cable.


Audio control cable is available in both shielded and unshielded types and is a specialized cable suitable where a flexible control cable is required that is subject to EMI interference.

Predominantly used in the recording and broadcasting industries, in radio frequency equipment, and in other industrial applications.

Available in many different AWG sizes, from 24AWG audio control cables – 10AWG (including miniature audio cable), Tevelec is able to provide an audio control cable that is suitable for whatever application you have in mind.

Tevelec offers several types of unshielded high-quality speaker cables that are suitable for use in home theaters, surround sound systems, cluster speaker installations, and other high-quality audio applications.

Our high-quality speaker cable is also available for use in direct burial applications. These cables are rated for use in applications of up to 600V.

For low voltage applications, such as audio systems, cluster speaker installations, and other low voltage applications, we offer parallel speaker wire.


Tevelec stocks seven grades of Station Z wiring, which is used for wiring residential POTS telephone lines and security control wiring in residential and commercial settings.

We are able to supply low voltage unshielded thermostat cable, either CSA CMG or CMR, which is designed for use in thermostat controls, doorbells, security systems, and other remote systems where the voltage does not 30V.

If you need multi conductor shielded cables for your project, we are able to supply a power-limited tray cable suitable for your application.

Our power limited tray cables are suitable for cable tray insertions, power limited circuits, intercom systems, business machines, cash registers, and dozens of other applications.

Whatever your requirements for shielded and unshielded multi conductor cables we are able to fulfill your expectations, please contact us with your specifications.

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