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What You Should Know About Mini Split Wiring And Cables

Most heating and cooling systems operate on a split system basis that features both indoor and outdoor components. A mini-split air conditioner has both interior and exterior components, however, they don’t have ducts to transport cool air into a home. Instead, a mini split’s exterior condensing or compression component expands and compresses the refrigerant in the system, effectively removing heat and moisture from the air.

The cooled air is moved into the house through lines connected to an interior component or multi-components which consist of air handling units, evaporators, and blowers. Air handling units are usually installed in a ceiling or wall to effectively cool the air throughout a home.

Ductless mini split air conditioners are energy-efficient and highly popular with homeowners and businesses. Although mini splits are easy to install, unlike window units you cannot simply plug them in and switch the power on for cool air. These systems still require the use of a dedicated electrical line that needs to be connected to the electrical panel of the building.

The power for the outdoor unit is supplied by the electrical service panel. Safety is provided by a disconnect box and surge protector connected via electrical wires and contained in a
weather-proof cable called a power whip.

Mini split systems have specific requirements, depending on the model and size of the unit. Small systems of 9k to 12k BTU may only require 110v service while most require up to 220v and more. Because these systems will be hardwired into the electrical service panel it is important to ensure that the breaker panel has the proper size and can handle the additional voltage.

When installing a mini split air conditioning system it is best to hire a professional air conditioner installer to take care of the electrical requirements. Air conditioning experts are trained to do the work to code in order to maintain the warranty of the system.

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