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hookup-lead-wireHOOKUP & LEAD WIRE

Tevelec carries a comprehensive range of hookup and lead wire products that are suitable for the wiring of electrical component wire harnesses. From standard component wiring to high-voltage lead wire and military-spec wiring, Tevelec has the exact type or grade of hookup and lead cable that you need.

The hookup wire consists of a series of individually color-coded wires within wire harnesses that are available in many different AWG gauges. Hookup wire harnesses are available for many applications including where high temperature and high voltage conditions occur


Lead wires, also known as hook up cables, are single-core insulated cables used in the internal wiring of electronic and electrical equipment. Specific applications include motors, transformers, switchboards, panels, rectifiers and electronic circuits.


Lead wire, (or hook up wire), is often used in a wide range of applications, some of which include:

  • Automotive applications
  • Appliances
  • Business machines
  • Control panels
  • Meters
  • Internal wiring of computers
  • Electronic equipment
  • And a lot more

Lead wires are most often used within enclosed electronic equipment. Certain types of lead wires can even be used in specific military applications.


Tevelec carries hookup and wire harnesses for use within the internal wiring of electrical appliances and equipment, transformers, motors, vending machines and thousands of other common applications.

We also provide a full range of military spec hookup wire harnesses for all defence applications. Tevelec’s stock meets many of the most common military grade requirements.

If the hookup wire harnesses you require are not listed in our catalogue, please contact one of our representatives who will be able to assist you.

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