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Military equipment has to endure the most extreme of environments, with extreme ranges of temperature and exposure to hazardous materials encountered on a frequent basis.

Our military lead wire products are suitable for use within aircraft airframes, military communications equipment, military ground vehicles and many other military vehicle and equipment applications.

Tevelec design and manufactures mil spec lead wire to meet all of the main military specification grades, including Mil-W-22759, Mil-W-16878 and Mil-W-76B. Many of our lead wire products are unaffected by flame, aircraft and vehicle fuels, solvents, most acids and alkalis.


Our mil-spec lead wire are available for use within 250v or 1000v applications, with numerous AWG sizes and colors available. Many of our mil-spec cables utilize extruded PTFE insulation which has excellent, stable electrical characteristics with low power loss. To reduce the effects of exposure to hazardous materials, a large number of our military spec cables feature a Polyvinylidene Fluoride outer jacket which has the advantage of excellent resistance to solvents, acids, bases and extreme heat.

Whatever your military application requires, Tevelec’s broad choice of lead wire enables us to fulfill your expectations.

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