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Bus bar wire is an unjacketed, uninsulated, and unshielded, single wire type of conductor. It is popularly used as feeder lines in a bus bar. This means that a bus bar wire is used to distribute the central bus bar’s power to the remote devices. Because it is just one piece of wire, it’s solid instead of stranded. Bus bar wire is recognised for its flexibility and ease of installation compared to other types of wire. Because there is no insulation, no need to strip the wire, which means fewer tools and less time spent.

Bus bar wires are usually tinned for additional protection and resistance to corrosion. Despite having no insulation or jacket, the bus bar wire carries reliable durability that ensures its lifespan.

Uses of Bus Bar Wire

Bus bar wires are easy to weld or solder, which cannot be said to any other forms of wire available on the market. It also offers a high degree of flexibility. Using tinned copper this type of cable has 99.9% electrical conductivity. Another advantage of bus bar wire is that in the event of a fire, no gas is emitted. Hence, there is no insulation to combust and the fire will not spread to bare metal wire.

In comparison, Bus bar wire provides several advantages that you don’t get with other forms of wire. For instance, it’s gently tempered and simple to maintain shape. This ensures that you can bend your bus bar wire to just about any shape you like and maintain that shape without any help.

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