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high temperature wire
high temperature wire

A vast range of high-temperature electrical wire products for use where the application demands high voltage lead wire that can withstand between 150 and 450 degrees Celsius.

What Is High Temperature Electrical Wire?

These lead high-temperature electrical wire products are shielded by braided silicone rubber, PVC, or fluoropolymers and engineered to perform at extremely high temperatures.


We have assembled an extensive collection of heat resistant wire to accommodate all industries. Our high-temperature wire is popular because of its exceptional electrical and physical features.


Braided Silicon Rubber high-temperature wire and heat resistant wire is used in the internal wiring of electronic equipment, these lead wire products can operate where temperatures do not rise beyond 200 degrees-C.

TGGT (Teflon Glass) is a high-temperature lead wire suitable for the internal wiring of commercial and industrial heating and cooking equipment applications, electronic equipment, and other high-temperature appliances.

TCGT is a common hookup or high-temperature lead wire, which is wrapped with a fiberglass braid saturated and cured with PTFE. This lead wire is used for internal wiring of commercial and industrial heating and cooking equipment, electronic equipment, and other high-temperature appliances.

MGT lead wire is designed for use within ovens, kilns, furnaces, and other high-temperature situations, and is constructed with a tough fiberglass braid covering and insulated with glass-reinforced mica tapes. MGT high-temperature electrical cable is particularly suited to the wiring of equipment within the iron and steel mills, brick, and cement kilns, and glass plants.

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