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Hammond Products Distributor

Here at Tevelec, we distribute a wide range of enclosure products for the electrical and electronic industry made by Hammond Manufacturing. These include non-metallic enclosures, metallic, small cases, racks, and electronic transformers.

History of Hammond Manufacturing

Hammon just began from a backyard workshop in 1916 in Guelph Ontario Canada. During 1917, they began creating battery chargers, tube radio sets, and related products in 1919 to 1927. Hammond became the first company in Canada to produce a line of 2-post racks and narrow cabinets to support the ever-growing communications and broadcast industries in the 1930s. Because of the explosive demand for electrical products, they increased their diverse product line and became the top supplier of server racks, cabinets, transformers, and enclosures for electronic and electrical applications. 

High-Performance Equipment from Hammond

In the present day, Hammond Manufacturing is a global enterprise serving customers around the world. Their team’s mission is to deliver quality products at all times. Their cornerstones for success are high levels of service, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction. We are proud to be one of the leading distributors of Hammond Products. 

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