Fire Alarm Cable Types

Fire Alarm Cable

A Fire Alarm Cable is a cable used for transmitting fire alarm signals. They are typically made of two or more conductors, each with numerous insulated wires running through them. The cables are designed to be resistance-welded together, creating a single unit that can withstand the heat and abuse for the protection of fire alarm systems.

Fire alarm cables are typically made from thermoplastic materials and copper, making them resistant to flame and heat. They also have a high degree of flexibility, making them ideal for use in tight spaces. And because they are designed for use in fire alarm systems, they meet all the necessary safety and compliance standards.

There are a few different fire alarm wire types that you can choose from for your residential or commercial property:

Different Types Of Fire Alarm Cable

Power limited Fire Alarm Cables

  • FPLR Cable

Fire-power limited riser cable is a type of data cable that is limited to use in fire-rated risers. They are typically used in commercial or institutional settings where the installation of standard data cables would not be permissible because of the possibility of a fire.

These cables are designed to meet specific fire safety standards and are often constructed with a special coating that helps to prevent the spreading of flames. They are also comparatively more expensive than standard data cables, so make sure to factor that into your budget if you’re planning on using them for your project.

FPLR fire alarm cables are available in various sizes and configurations, so it’s important to select the right fire alarm cable for your specific application. Always prefer to consult with a professional fire alarm system installer or electrician to ensure that you’re using the correct type of fire alarm cable according to the surrounding environment.

  • FPLR Shielded Cable

FPLR shielded fire alarm cable is a type of cable that is specifically designed for fire alarm systems. It features two insulated copper conductors and a layer of aluminum foil shielding, which protects the signal from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). Additionally, FPLR shielded cable has a PVC jacket that helps to protect the conductors from damage.

When it comes to fire alarm systems, reliability is key. That’s why choosing the right type of cable is so important. FPLR shielded cable is typically used in applications where high levels of EMI or RFI are present, such as in data centers, computer rooms, and telecommunications installations. It is available in a variety of configurations, including twisted pair, coaxial, and multi-conductor.

  • FPLP Cable

Fire-power limited plenum (FPLP) cables are special fire alarm cables that have been designed to meet the requirements of a plenum space. A plenum space is a space in a building that is used for ventilation and air circulation, such as an attic, crawlspace, or raised floor. Because these spaces are used for heating, cooling, and electrical wiring, they can present a serious fire hazard if not properly protected.

FPLP cables are treated with a special coating that helps suppress the spread of fire. They also have a limited power rating, meaning that they can only be used to power low-voltage devices like smoke detectors and alarms.

  • FPLP Shielded Cable

FPLP shielded cable is a type of electrical cable that helps protect against electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference. It does this by using a layer of foil insulation to surround the conductors, which helps to keep unwanted signals from penetrating the cable and interfering with the signal being transmitted. This makes it ideal for use in applications where there is a lot of electrical noise or electromagnetic interference, such as in factories or other industrial settings.

Non Power Limited Fire Alarm CablesNon-Power Limited Fire Alarm Cables

  • NPLF Or Non-Power Limited Fire Alarm Cables

NPLF fire alarm cables are a special type of cable that is used in fire alarm systems. They are called “non-power limited” because they can transmit fire alarms even when there is no power running to the system. This is important because it means that the fire alarm will still work even if there is a power outage. Non-Power Limited Fire Alarm Cables are also flame-retardant, which means that they are less likely to start a fire in the event of a fire.

  • Non-Power Limited Fire Protective (NPLFP) cables

Non-Power Limited Fire Protective (NPLFP) cable is a fire alarm cable that has been specifically designed to limit the spread of fire. It does this by restricting the flow of combustible gases and flames, which helps to contain the fire while also providing valuable time for emergency responders to arrive on the scene.

NPLFP cables are constructed with an overall fire protective shield which will limit the amount of heat that can transfer from the protected conductor to the combustible materials surrounding it in the event of a fire.

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