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Connectivity Accessories

You can surely depend on our electrical cable and wiring accessories to last for years and increase the reliability and efficiency of any connection. Each product below is suitable for different kinds of voltages and purpose. From low, medium, and high, these connectivity accessories can also operate under harsh environments. The materials use different sealing and insulation technologies including cold shrink, heat shrink, casting material, resin and a lot more.

Improving the Efficiency of Cable Networks

We have a diverse portfolio of electrical connectors and accessories that suit any application or use. From overhead networks to underground and substations. Tevelec is highly qualified to provide clients with products of high quality, customized solutions and advantages. We provide quality cable and wiring solutions.  This is why most industries from telecommunications, operations, construction, etc. have trusted our brand to supply them with cables, wires, and connectivity accessories to last them for decades.

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