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Tevelec carries a full range of coaxial cable to suit any industrial, commercial or home-construction requirements. Our catalogue lists our stock of coax cable by RG Type or by installation application.

The Tevelec line of coaxial cables is manufactured to perform under the full spectrum of conditions each was designed for. With over 30 unique coaxial cable products, Tevelec has the coax cable needed for virtually any application.

It is important to note that there are dozens of types of coaxial cable, each of which has specific characteristics and applications. If you are unsure of the type or standard of coaxial cables required in your installation, please contact our technical sales department for expert assessment and assistance.

Tevelec’s stock of coaxial cable covers every RG Type from RG6 to RG210.


Coaxial Cable (often referred to as coax) is an electrical cable made up of a shielded central core surrounded by an insulating spacer, which is shielded by an outer cylindrical conductor. The cable tends to be protected by an outer rubber or plastic jacket. The inner conductor, known as the center core, and the outer cylindrical conductor, known as the metallic shield, share the same geometric axis, hence the name coaxial cable.

They are used primarily to conduct electronic signals such as television, radio and the internet. Coaxial cables provide a high degree of protection against electromagnetic interference and attenuation. Coax cable is designed to guide electronic signals with low emission along the length of the cable.



Coaxial cable is graded by RG types. Most people are familiar with RG6 coaxial cables as they are the most frequently used in the home or office use for Internet, radio and television reception.

The range of types and application of RG coaxial cables includes:

  • RG58/U which is primarily used for radio communication and ham radio transmission
  • RG11/U which is used for long drops and in underground installations
  • RG62A, used for Nuclear Instrumentation Module (NIM) standard applications
  • RG59/U, used to carry baseband video and CCTV
  • RG62/U, used in ARCNet LANs and for automotive radio antennas.

We also carry Multimedia coaxial cable, which can include combinations of Composite video and Cat 5E network cable, suitable for use in Smart Home systems.

There are several other types and applications of coaxial cable. For more information, please contact our technical sales department.

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