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Tevelec carries a wide range of switchboard lead wire and cable for central office applications from unshielded styles to a shielded type.

Tevelec’s Unshielded Type A lead wire carries 300v. and is excellent for use in telecommunications exchanges and PBX type applications. It is effectively used with solder- less wrap and quick-clip type terminals.


Tevelec’s 8900 Type of Unshielded central office switchboard cable comes in solid stranding with a six inch length minimum. This type of lead wire is specifically designed for voice cable and category 2 applications, it comes in a very wide range of pairs from 2 to 100.

Tevelec’s Shield Type 1249 100 Ohm cable is designed to provide superior cross-talk characteristics. They are also compatible with DS-1 standard for a maximum length of 450 feet. This well shielded cable has a shield facing inwards and a shield facing outwards sandwiching a 24 AWG tinned copper drain wire. This type of lead wire is primarily used for DS-1 type transmission equipment in the central office.

For more information on which type of central office switchboard cable meets your installation needs, please contact a Tevelec sales representative.

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