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Tevelec carries a wide variety of Central Office Cables including power cable, switchboard cable, terminating cable and DS-3 and DS-4 Coaxial Cable. Featuring high quality cable components, we have several types of central office cable available that are suitable for your central-office telephony, computing and communications needs.

For powering your office complex, Central Office Power Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen (LSZH), Class 1and Class B wire is used in conduit, open tray, underground duct and aerial installations. Rated for use in all closed environments or populated spaces, LSZH Class 1 wire might be found in, auditoriums, arenas, health care facilities, office buildings, schools and other places where stringent specifications for smoke and toxicity emission levels are necessary. Strong, reliable and compact, LSZH wire is the right choice when space is limited and performance is important.


Our DS-3 and DS-4 coaxial cable is used to interconnect telephony equipment such as multiplexers, cross-connects and transmission equipment and other Digital System Cross-connect (DSX) systems at DS-3 (44.736 Mb/s) and DS-4 (274.176 Mb/s) transmission rates.


If you need cable for a PBX exchange, DS-1 transmission equipment or other telecommunications devices, then Tevelec’s Switchboard cable will be the cable of choice. Our Type A cable is suitable for PBX exchanges, with either solder-less wrap or quick clip type terminals. For more specialized DS-1 transmission equipment, the Shielded Type 1249 cable is suitable.

In order to connect equipment within a central building to other outside buildings use our high quality Terminating cables. Single and Dual Shielded DS-1 lead wire is available in several configurations and used for interconnection of DS-1 transmission equipment, up to 450ft

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