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Wall Mount Racks – HEAVY DUTY (HWM Series)



The new Hammond Wall Mount (HWM) cabinet was designed with the technical professional in mind. Our new design enables the cabinet to be installed in less time using fewer installers than similar cabinets of its size. Fabricated from heavy duty steel, the HWM is available in up to 32U and 31.7” overall depth and can support up to 275 lbs of equipment.

The vented front door and side panels were specifically designed for high capacity servers, switches and power management devices. An optional clear glass or solid door is available for all sizes.


  • Available in three (3) depths and four (4) heights.
  • Includes vented 65% perforated front door (optional door types available).
  • Center section features:
    • Heavy duty spring-hinge pin for easy installation and removal.
    • Side panel that includes two (2) vents and fan grill.
  • Rear section features:
    • Top and side conduit knock-outs for cable entry.
    • Generous cable management lances located on the rear section as well as on mounting rails.
    • Mounting points for Outlet Strip (uses HWMPCLIP).
    • Heavy duty keyhole for wall mounting.
    • Large opening in rear for cable access.
  • Front door and center section keyed the same (optional key available).


  • 14-gauge welded rear section; 16-gauge center section and doors.
  • EIA compliant adjustable depth mounting rails.
  • Includes one (1) pair of tapped (10-32) mounting rails.
  • Recommended weight load tested for 275 lbs.
  • Grounding lugs located on top and bottom of the door, center and rear sections.
  • Rugged sand-textured black powder paint (reduced fingerprints and marks).

Download Spec Sheet

Part No: Center Depth (Inches) Drawing Files Panel Height Overall Dimensions (Inches)
Inches Units Height Width Depth
HWM2412U11BK 11 PDF | STEP | DXF 21 12 27.75 24.68 16.7
HWM2420U11BK 11 PDF | STEP | DXF 35 20 41.75 24.68 16.7
HWM2424U11BK 11 PDF | STEP | DXF 42 24 48.75 24.68 16.7
HWM2432U11BK 11 PDF | STEP | DXF 56 32 62.75 24.68 16.7
HWM2412U20BK 20 PDF | STEP | DXF 21 12 27.75 24.68 25.7
HWM2420U20BK 20 PDF | STEP | DXF 35 20 41.75 24.68 25.7
HWM2424U20BK 20 PDF | STEP | DXF 42 24 48.75 24.68 25.7
HWM2432U20BK 20 PDF | STEP | DXF 56 32 62.75 24.68 25.7
HWM2412U26BK 26 PDF | STEP | DXF 21 12 27.75 24.68 31.7
HWM2420U26BK 26 PDF | STEP | DXF 35 20 41.75 24.68 31.7
HWM2424U26BK 26 PDF | STEP | DXF 42 24 48.75 24.68 31.7
HWM2432U26BK 26 PDF | STEP | DXF 56 32 62.75 24.68 31.7
Part No:
HWMSD2412UBK 12U Solid Door
HWMSD2420UBK 20U Solid Door
HWMSD2424UBK 24U Solid Door
HWMSD2432UBK 32U Solid Door
HWMPD2412UBK 12U Tinted Plastic Door
HWMPD2420UBK 20U Tinted Plastic Door
HWMPD2424UBK 24U Tinted Plastic Door
HWMPD2432UBK 32U Tinted Plastic Door
HWMTR12U 12U Tapped 10-32 Rail (Pair)
HWMTR20U 20U Tapped 10-32 Rail (Pair)
HWMTR24U 24U Tapped 10-32 Rail (Pair)
HWMTR32U 32U Tapped 10-32 Rail (Pair)
HWMSR12U 12U Square Hole Rail (Pair)
HWMSR20U 20U Square Hole Rail (Pair)
HWMSR24U 24U Square Hole Rail (Pair)
HWMSR32U 32U Square Hole Rail (Pair)
HWMPCLIP Power Bar Clip
HWMSLOCK Secondary Lock for additional security
GRDKIT02 Ground Kit
DNFK1AC120 Single (1) Fan kit with grills and cord
DNFK2AC120 Dual (2) Fan kit with grills and cord
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DC200 Series – Server Cabinet Assembly

DC200 Series - Server Cabinet Assembly


  • Sturdy cold-rolled steel frame
  • Provides standard 19″ rack mounting
  • High quality, light textured powder coat finish (black)
  • 14 gauge steel
  • Fits through standard door openings
  • Available in sizes shown only
  • Cable access – top (2 x 4″ dia) and bottom (8″x12″ opening)
  • 2 pair of L-shape, painted mounting rails with “U” space markings – square hole design, includes 40 screws and push-in nuts, and rail depth can adjust in 25mm increments
  • Perforated front/rear doors provide excellent ventilation featuring swing handles complete with locks and keys
    • Front door has attractive 4 point latch, curved and ribbed surface for added stability, and can be easily removed and hinged in either direction
    • Rear features split doors making access easier in tight spaces
  • Pair of solid side panels are removable and include stiffeners to support the full depth
  • 4 casters and 4 leveling feet (casters add approx 2.5″ to overall height)
Panel Height Overall Dimensions (mm)
Part No. Inches Units Width Depth Height
DC2004242 73.5 42 1997 (78.6″) 600 (23.6″) 1100 (43.3″)
DC2004224 42 24 1197 (47.1″) 600 (23.6″) 1100 (43.3”)
Note: For mounting Hammond vertical outlet strips use Part No. DC2PBCLP

Contempra-3 (C3) – Rapid Rack – NEMA 12 (oil and dust tight) – Rack Cabinets

Contempra-3 (C3) - Rapid Rack Cabinets


  • NEMA 12 rated – ideal for use in harsh factory floor situations
  • Oil resistant gaskets are permanently secured on all openings
  • Heavy duty – 14 gauge welded rack (1,500 lb even load rating)
  • Frame ships with reinforced lifting eyes
  • Finished in a rugged, black textured powder paint
  • CSA, UL Approvals


Contempra-4 (C4) Series Rack Cabinet System

Contempra-4 (C4) Series Server Cabinet System

The C4 Rack Cabinet Series provides users with maximum flexibility:

  • NEMA 12 rated – ideal for use in harsh factory floor situations
  • Standard C4 assemblies provide easy-ordering for common applications
  • Mix and match standard C4 components
  • Contact Tevelec for special colours, sizes or other modifications

The C4 server rack enclosure features a fully-welded 14-gauge steel frame with heavy-duty struts contributing to a weight-load rating of 2000lbs. With an available depth of up to 42″, the C4 server cabinet series can support deep server dimensions while providing ample space for cable management.

C4 Base Frame – 4 leveling feet are included with support for optional recessed casters. Grounding studs provided on frame as well as side panels, top and doors.

Cable Management – The 30″ wide C4 server cabinet has generous cabling space, four (3.5″ wide) cable entry holes on the top, support for up to four optional 4″-deep vertical cable managers, and an open base for easy cable access from raised-tile sub-floors.

Door Flexibility – Available options include solid, Plexiglas and perforated versions. Perforated doors are offered in both single and split door designs. Split doors can save valuable working space when accessing the back of the cabinet.

Thermal Performance – Perforated doors for both front and back of the server cabinet enclosure are suggested for most server applications. The C4 rack cabinet frame features an open-top design supporting optional solid and vented top panels, as well as a selection of fan tops capable of up to 550cfm. Server cabinets come standard with an open base design to allow for cable entry and cold-air supply in raised-tile-floor installations. See page 11 for a selection of C4 fan tops, trays and blowers.

Seismic Ready – The structural integrity of the standard C4 frame design meets Seismic UBC Zone-4 certification.

Server-Friendly Universal Square-Hole Panel Rails – EIA-compliant square-hole design feature U-markings. Infinite-depth setting using C-channel struts. Zinc-plated for superior grounding. The 30″ wide C4 rails have cable-tie support and pass-through holes

Vertical Cable ManagersCable manager trays are available for both 24″ and 30″-Wide server cabinets. The 30″ wide compatible versions feature magnetic-latching doors, and 3.5″ wide x 4″ deep cable space.

Build Your Own C4 Rack Cabinet Assembly

Tevelec gives you the choice to either order a C4 server cabinet in a convenient Preassembled package (below) or to order each component separately to build the cabinet solution you need. All C4 rack cabinet components (and many accessories) are finished in black, textured powder paint. If you require a cabinet with dimensions or colours different from what is shown here, Tevelec can easily modify to suit your needs. Please contact a Tevelec sales representative for more information on this service.

C4 30″ Wide Preassembled (Rapid-Rack) Datacom/LAN Packages

C4 Wide Preassembled (Rapid-Rack) Datacom/LAN Packages

Includes the following items pre-installed…

  • 44U, 30″ wide, 31.5″, 36″ or 42″ Deep Frame (C4F307731BK1, C4F307736BK1 or C4F307742BK1)
  • Zinc-plated Universal Square Hole Mounting Rails (2 pair – C4PR77SZPL) pre-installed
  • Solid Side Panels (C4SP7731BK1, C4SP7736BK1, C4SP7742BK1) pre-installed
  • Perf door (standard type – C4DF3077VBK1) pre-installed
  • Plexi door (standard type – C4DF3077PBK1) pre-installed
  • 25 x 10-32 cage nuts (1421CNA25)
Panel Height Overall Dimensions
Part No. Inches Units A B C D Shipping Weight
C4RR307731DBK1 77 44 30 31.5 24.06 14 390
C4RR307736DBK1 77 44 30 36 24.06 22.75 400
C4RR307742DBK1 77 44 30 42 24.06 27.25 410

C4 30″ Wide Preassembled (Rapid-Rack) Server Packages

C4 Preassembled (Rapid-Rack) Server Packages

Includes the following items pre-installed…

  • 44U, 30″ wide, 36″ or 42″ Deep Frame (C4F307742BK1 or C4F307736BK1)
  • Zinc-plated Universal Square Hole Mounting Rails (2 pair – C4PR77SZPL) pre-installed
  • Solid Side Panels (C4SP7742BK1 or C4SP7736BK1) pre-installed
  • Fan top with (1) fan (DNMF100AC115) and fan cord pre-installed
  • Vertical Cable Managers (C4VCM77BK1 x 2) pre-installed in cabinet
  • Front perf door (standard type – C4DF3077VBK1) pre-installed
  • Rear Split perf doors (standard type – C4BD3077VBK1) pre-installed
  • 12 Outlet Vertical Power Strip – (1588T12A1BK) pre-installed
  • 25 x 10-32 cage nuts (1421CNA25)
Part No. Description Width Height Depth Weight
C4RR307736SBK1 C4 Pre-Assembled System 30″ 83.5″ 36″ 390
C4RR307742SBK1 C4 Pre-Assembled System 30″ 83.5″ 42″ 415

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