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We have a diverse selection of automation cables for numerous industries for different applications. Building management system cables also commonly known as BMS cables, intelligent building cables or automation cables are used to automate all of the systems in place within a building or home.

We offer different building automation cables to suit your every need. Such as Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 7, video coaxial cables and also control and power cables. You can choose from our building automation cables A-D, building automation cables E-R, and building automation cables S-T 

What is an Automation Cable?

Automation cables usually incorporate data cables like CAT 5e, CAT6, CAT7, video coaxial cables, and control cables in a single unit. While BAC (building automation cables) are usually bespoke, we offer various alternatives to suit any requirement. High performing, quality assured automation cables help lessen risk in industries that depend on critical operations. Building automation cables are proven helpful for power lines, production, automotive, and manufacturing industries.

Applications of Automation Cables

Ethernet Cables

Depending on which use, there are CAT4, CAT5, and BUS cables for electronics and telecommunications for the automation industry.

Robotic Cables

These sturdy cables can withstand any torsional and tensile stress, as well as almost infinite number of bending cycles. They are strong enough to resist shifts in temperature and chemical damage.

Railway Cables

Railway cables need to meet the challenges the industry faces each day. It should be free from halogen, have strong resistance to fire, and work to its highest performance.

Control Cables

Along with popular industrial automation cables like LIYY and LIHH, SS, YY, and CY are also commonly used. They are available in LSZH and PVC Sheathing materials.

PUR-sheathed cables

For environments like medicine, hospitals and locations that need to maintain proper hygiene operations, a Polyurethane cable is recommended. It has properties that prevent bacterial growth within its sheating, preventing the spread of microbes.

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