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TEVELEC seeks to continue to be leader in the wire and cable distribution. We now stock a full line of photovoltaic products for installers who are looking for photovoltaic cable (PV Wire), MC4 connectors, strain relief connectors, wire & cable, wire management, bare copper, battery cables, portable power cables, lead wire, ground lugs, clamps, split bolts and cable ties.

New technology presents itself with new safety challenges. Tevelec is closely following and adhering to (ESA) Ontario Electrical Safety Code. Bulletins are being issued in regards to all aspects of components and installation of Photovoltaic Systems.

The Province of Ontario, through the Green Energy Act, is promoting the installation of Renewable Energy production systems, including Photovoltaic (PV) panels on residential and commercial properties. The MicroFIT program is one of the first steps to creating green jobs in Ontario and closing the coal-fired generating plants. The initial Feed-In Tariff (FIT) rate will compensate homeowners 80.2 cents for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) produced by a PV system up to 10 kilowatts in size. The contract with the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) will guarantee this rate for 20 years. This represents a very low risk investment opportunity for long term investors who install quality systems designed to withstand 20 years of our harsh climate.

Rising Interest in Renewable Energy

According to the OPA, 510 projects were approved, covering 120 communities. The undertaking is quite significant, as the total capacity for all approved projects is expected to reach 112 Megawatts, enough to provide electricity to thousands of homes around Ontario.

New Opportunities for Solar Panel Installation

The upsurge in renewable energy interest projects is also expected to give rise to new possibilities, particularly in terms of employment and business opportunities. Locals can expect to participate in these projects as service providers and contractors, assuming they receive adequate training and certification. Ontario law, requires that local technology and labour be used in at least 50% of new solar developments in the future. Thanks to Ontario's aggressive feed-in-tariff initiative, homeowners can potentially earn money from power they feed into the grid from solar panels set up on their property with an estimated payout between 8 to 10 yrs. Green is in, but typically comes at a high initial cost. Thanks to incentives like these, it is little wonder why so many are exploring solar energy classes and DIY solar panel installation kits.

Solar Panel Installation: Utility Power Decentralization

The OPA’s promotion of renewable energy installation on homes, offices, and business facilities introduces the decentralization in which consumers of electricity also become major contributors. Membership not only empowers the individual and commercial owners of these system’s but it also lightens the load for utility companies as they become better equipped to handle major fluctuations in demand.

Information is available (PDF download) on all of our solar panel products.

Type 3R Painted Galvanized Steel

Type 3R Painted Galvanized Steel

The C3R_HCR Series provides Type 3R protection for outdoor applications. Constructed from 16 gauge powder coated galvanized steel. Provisions for padlocking by zinc-plated draw pull catch. Knockouts provided on bottom of enclosure.

Part No.Height (in)Width (in)Depth (in)Opt. Inner Panel
C3R1086CHR 10 8 6 N1JP108 (Painted steel)
C3R12106HCR 12 10 6 N1JP1210 (Painted steel)
C3R12126CHR 12 12 6 N1JP1212 (Painted steel)
C3R121210CHR 12 12 10 N1JP1212 (Painted steel)

Type 4X Stainless Steel

Type 4X Stainless Steel

The EJ_SS and EN4SD_SS Series provide Type 4X protection for highly corrosive outdoor applications. Constructed from 16 or 14 gauge 304 stainless steel. Formed lip on enclosure sealed via one piece foam gasket on door. Slotted quarter turn latches to open.

Part No.Height (in)Width (in)Depth (in)Opt. Inner Panel
EJ12105SS 12 10 5 Galvanized panel included
EJ14126SS 14 12 6 Galvanized panel included
EN4SD20168SS 20 16 8 EPG2016 (Galvanized)
EN4SD24168SS 24 16 8 EPG2416 (Galvanized)

Type 4X Non-Metallic

Type 4X Non-Metallic

The PJU_LF Series provides Type 4X protection for highly corrosive outdoor applications. Constructed from light weight glass reinforced polyester. Provisions for padlocking by stainless steel draw pull catch. Full width polycarbonate mounting flanges.

Part No.Height (in)Width (in)Depth (in)Opt. Inner Panel
PJU12106LF 12 10 6 14G1109 (Galvanized)
PJU14126LF 14 12 6 14G1311 (Galvanized)
PJU16148LF 16 14 8 14G1513 (Galvanized) Optional
PJU201610LF 20 16 10 14G1915 (Galvanized) Optional

DC Solar Connectors

DC Solar Connectors

PST connectors for field assembly. Fast, easy,installation, crimp contact snaps into housing. The housing is completely touch proof keeping you safe.

Information is available (PDF download) on all of our DC solar connectors.

  • Quick Assembly
  • UV Resistant
  • Black Polycarbonate
  • High Conductivity
  • IP68
  • 600 VDC / 40 ADC
  • Approved to UL 486A-486B No.65-03, UL 486D
  • Approved to CSA C22.2 No. 198.2-05
ModelTypeWire SizeMax VoltageAmperageLength
PST 40i1 Female Cable Mount 16 - 8 AWG 600 VDC 40 A 56mm (2 1/4”)
PST 40i1 Male Cable Mount 16 - 8 AWG 600 VDC 40 A 59mm (2 1/4”)
PST 40i1 Female Panel Mount 16 - 8 AWG 600 VDC 40 A 56mm (2 1/4”)
PST 40i1 Male Panel Mount 16 - 8 AWG 600 VDC 40 A 59mm (2 1/4”)

Modifications and Accessories

Modifications: If you cannot find the size you are looking for, please give us a call for custom sizing options. Tevelec can provide custom color options when needed. Holes and cutouts are typical modifications we do regularly.

Accessories: Items like inner mounting panels, pole mounting kits, vents and breathers, heaters, etc. are all available to make your enclosure exactly what you need.

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