Server Rack Mount Enclosure Systems

Server rack mount enclosure systems come in Open Rack and full cabinets closed rack. In situations where the computer room itself is under lock and key and accessed by a limited number of people, full cabinets having locking doors and side panels may not be required therefore resulting in a significant cost savings.

A single rack enclosure can support multiple server applications with ease. With adjustable depths from 24" to 36" or 32" to 48" supporting DEEP server dimensions, and flexibility for future application changes. Reversible heavy-duty floor brackets can be installed toe-in or toe-out, and bolted to the floor for maximum stability.

Many vertical rail post feature u-spacing, incremental slots for cable tie support, incremental slots for adding horizontal cable rods and mounting hole support for external vertical cable managers. Most rack mount enclosure manufacturers feature horizontal cable bars for channelling cables from front to back. Multiple series Open Racks can be bayed together using a simple baying hardware kit or by using external vertical cable managers.

Information is available (PDF download) on all of our server rack mount enclosures.

Open Rack Systems

The Open Rack is one of the most economic rack mount enclosure solutions for computer rooms or data centers. Allowing for quick access to computers, telephone systems, routers and other data communication hardware. Stacking of hardware data and voice hardware systems saves space and increased organization of complex cabling requirements. Allowing for easier hardware diagnostics and lowering down time.

  • Relay Racks DNRR Series
  • Vertical Cable Managers
  • Cable Chimneys

Open Rack Mount Enclosure

User Assembled Rack Systems

User Assembled Open rack enclosure models come in a knock-down package (for user-assembly on-site), saving shipping costs, and can be delivered into sites where it may be challenging to move-in fully welded frames or cabinets.

  • Relay Racks - DC4R Series
  • RCSC Series "STACKING" Cabinets
  • Cable Chimneys

User Assembled Rack Systems

Wall Mount Solutions

Adding both security from theft and personal security against tipping of heavy racks causing injury. Smaller wall mount rack enclosure models free up floor space for storage, flood protection and ease of cleaning.

  • APB Series - Adjustable-Depth Panel Mount Rack
  • HPB Series - Fixed-Depth Panel Mount Rack
  • WMC Series - Wall Mount Cabinet
  • SWCC Series - Swing-out Wall Mount Cabinet
  • SWC Series - Swing-out Wall-mount Cabinet

Wall Mount Rack Cabinets

Cabinet Systems

An enclosed system such as a cabinet is preferred when used in an open room where added hardware security is required, for sound suppression of hardware and dirty environments such as manufacturing. These rack enclosure cabinets have the option of tinted windows making them aesthetically pleasing in preferred environments such as electronic showrooms.

  • DC100 Series - Server Cabinet Assembly
  • DC200 Series - Server Cabinet Assembly
  • Contempra-3 (C3) - Rapid Rack - NEMA 12 (oil and dust tight)
  • Contempra-4 (C4) Series Rack Cabinet System

Rack Cabinets

Rack Accessories

Our rack system accessories include Rack mount enclosure shelves, Rack mount LCD Monitors brackets, Cable Management, Rack mount Keyboard brackets, Rack Mounting Hardware, Server Rack Cooling, Rack Rails, Rack Blanking Filler Panels.

  • Rack Shelves and Drawers
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Cable Managers
  • Cooling Accessories, Rack Fan Trays, Thermostats

Rack Accessories Fan Trays

Power Distribution Products


Clips on to rack panels easily with clip system. Receptacles are 1" square and are equally spaced over the length of the power strip. Longer, thinner and have more outlets then a power bar.

Rack Power Products

Rack Mount Power Strips


Made for attaching to a rack mount enclosure. Available with front or rear outlets. In heavy duty configurations and with amp meters if needed.

  • 15 Amps - Rack Panel Mount
  • 15 Amp (90°Offset) - Rack Panel Mount
  • 20 Amp Rack Mount Link
  • 15 + 20 Amp with Ammeter
  • 5 & 20 Amp - Industrial / Commercial Grade
  • 15 Amps - Vertical Rack Mount Strips
  • 20 Amps - Vertical Rack Mount Strips
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