Hookup & Lead Wire

PVC Hookup Wire

PVC hookup and lead wire is used for the internal wiring of appliances, electronics, electrical equipment, panels and meters. Tevelec can provide virtually every grade and gauge of PVC Hookup and lead wire for your wiring application.

Hookup and Lead Wire Applications

Hookup and lead wire can be found in virtually every electrical application and electronic product. Tevelec's range of high voltage PVC hookup and lead wire meets ULVW-1 Vertical Flame Test and is approved for use in a large range of temperatures and conditions.

Tevelec's selection of PVC Hookup and Lead Wire includes:

  • UL1007, UL1569, CSA TR-64
  • UL1007, CSA TR-64 Prefused Conductor
  • TEW Tinned Copper
  • TEW Prefused
  • TEW Prebond«
  • TEW Bare Copper
  • UL1061, CSA AWM

For more information on which type of PVC Hookup and Lead wire is appropriate for your installation, please contact your Tevelec sales representative.

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