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Fire Alarm Cable

Fire Alarm Cable

Tevelec carries a full stock of multi-conductor shielded and unshielded fire system service cable, as well as a full stock of multi-paired unshielded fire alarm cable. Tevelec also carries shielded and unshielded heavy duty armored fire system cable.

Multi-Conductor Fire System Cables

Multi-conductor fire system cable products consist of many wire conductors within a high temperature electrical wire sheath.

Our multi-conductor cables are used for the wiring of fire systems, fire protective circuits, burglar alarms, smoke detectors and alarms and voice communications.

Our fire alarm cables consist of high temperature electrical wire and is temperature rated up to 105 degrees C.

For applications that require a high level of mechanical protection and shielding, our Heavy-Duty fire alarm cable is heat and moisture resistant, has high dielectric strength, is flame and light resistant and also chemical and radiation resistant.

Multi-Pair Fire System Cable

Multi-pair fire alarm cable consists of several twisted-pair circuits that are bundled into a common high temperature electrical wire sheath.

Our Multi-paired fire system cable products are high-temperature rated to 105-degree C and suitable for use in the wiring of fire alarms, fire protection circuits, burglar alarms, smoke alarms and voice communications.

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