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Tevelec carries a full range of electrical lead wire and cable for office, shop, and industrial applications as well as electrical wire, cable and cord for consumer electric products.

Electrical power cables are found all around us. They line the walls of our homes, offices and shops. Electrical power cable and lead wire are found in our cars, boats, trains and airplanes.

Electrical Cable and Lead Wire Types

There are two main types of electrical power cable and wire.

  • Permanent wiring is found within buildings, strung between transmission poles, or buried underground.
  • Flexible portable power cable and wiring is used in non-fixed devices such as personal electronics, portable tools, machinery, patch cords and extension cord and wires.

For heavy duty lead wire applications, Diesel Locomotive Cable is used for motor leads, diesel locomotives, public transit and railroad cars, heavy machinery (earth movers, drilling rigs, etc

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